Sniping in the Trenches: World War One and the Birth of Modern Sniping


As the American Rifleman magazine said of his last book, The History of Sniping & Sharpshooting, “…hands down, the finest and most comprehensive work on the subject to date” – this new highly acclaimed book details WWI sniping more thoroughly than any previous sniping history – not just for World War One, but for ANY war.

In addition to being a detailed, highly readable volume, its abundantly illustrated 271 pages contain nearly 500 photographs and drawings – many never before published, others unseen for 100 years — plus first-person accounts written by American, British, Australian and Canadian snipers. This book abounds with fascinating stories of real snipers, along with much technical information on rifles, scopes, ammunition, ballistics, training, tactics, techniques and organization.

And, as a special BONUS to readers who order the book here, you will receive a FREE CD containing ten digitized WWI sniping books, including Sniping in France by Maj. H. Hesketh-Prichard; Canadian Handbook for Scouts, Observers & Snipers by Maj. N.A.D. Armstrong; A Rifleman Went to War by Capt. H.W. McBride; Hints & Tips for Snipers, compiled by the British 1st Army School of Sniping, Observation and Scouting; With Riflemen, Scouts & Snipers by Maj. Frederick Crum – and more.

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