Shadow War: The CIA’s Secret War in Laos


“The best book yet published about the Hmong and the CIA in Laos.” Maj. John Plaster

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This is the true story of America’s loyal Hmong allies and the CIA officers who trained and advised them. Led by their own Hmong General Vang Pao, these hardy mountain tribesmen were the backbone of the CIA’s defense of this tiny landlocked country. This authoritative history involved more than 650 interviews with CIA officers, U.S. Military officials and senior Laotian, Thai and North Vietnamese officers, plus thousands of pages of declassified documents. A real eye-opener on the largest covert program in CIA history, includes dozens of never – before – published photos of Project White Star, operations along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, secret raids into North Vietnam, and other daring CIA-supported operations.
Softcover-8½”x11″-464 pages

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