Favorite Links

.: 1. Shooting Industry :.

Savage Arms – Rifles with unsurpassed accuracy, outstanding performance and value.
Bushnell – Tactical scopes and laser rangefinders.
Millett Sights – Tactical scopes, mounts and rings.
NRA – Support our Second Amendment birthright!
RobFurlong.com–Retired Corporal Rob Furlong protected his American brothers by taking out a Taliban fighter from 2430 meters.  His Marksmanship Academy offers world class training from world class instructors.
SteveReichert.com–USMC Scout Sniper Steve Reichert took out a machine crew at 1-1/2 miles in Iraq. Here’s his U.S. shooting school and consulting service.

 .: 2. Government Agencies :.

United States Special Operations Command – Today’s ‘Tip of the Spear’
USASOC – United States Army Special Operations Command
AF SOC – United States Air Force Special Operations Command
NAVSOC – United States Navy Special Operations Command
MARSOC – United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command
Central Intelligence Agency – Eyes and Ears of our Nation
United States Central Command – Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf
Department of Homeland Security – Agencies Protecting America
Civilian Marksmanship Program – Shooting Programs, M1 Rifle Purchases

.: 3. Ammunition Manufacturers :.

Black Hills Ammunition
Federal Ammunition
Hornady Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition

.: 4. Other Links :.

Superior Lighthouse, LLC –A consortium of web, print and marketing professionals to work with you to market your business or organization.
Emley Design Group— EDG helps organizations grow through strategic branding, communications, marketing campaigns and events, social and media web development.
Northern T & T Machine–Custom machining and fabrication